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Britney Spears, Buddhist Nun -

Britney Spears, Buddhist, NY - 1 hour agoBRITNEY SPEARS shaved her head this week and that can only mean one thing: she’s joining a Buddhist monastery. She has long embarked on spiritual quest, ... ...>

Treasures from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries on display in Berlin … - International Herald Tribune

Earthtimes.orgTreasures from Tibetan Buddhist monasteries on display in Berlin ...International Herald Tribune, France - 2 hours agoBERLIN: A new exhibit of Tibetan art offers a rare glimpse of treasures from ancient Buddhist monasteries, but faces criticism that it whitewashes China's ...>

Around the world - Detroit Free Press

Around the worldDetroit Free Press, MI - 58 minutes agoThe bombings hit hotels, karaoke bars, power grids and commercial sites in the country's southernmost provinces, the only parts of predominantly Buddhist ...Three are killed in 28 explosions across South St. Petersburg TimesRadical ...>

Spiritual values – in politics?!! - East African

Spiritual values – in politics?!!East African, Kenya - 1 hour agoIn answering the question, it should be noted that Sri Lanka, for example, has seen the election to political posts of Buddhist monks. ... ...>

Eight dead in Thailand attacks - New Straits Times

Eight dead in Thailand attacksNew Straits Times, Malaysia - 16 minutes agoArmy spokesman, Colonel Acar Tiproch, said most of the overnight attacks had targeted Buddhist or ethnic Chinese businesses and homes, at a time when many ... ...>

Elvada: California's Best - Black Star News

Elvada: California's BestBlack Star News, NY - 53 minutes agoWhen Elvada wants to get a little bold, she may throw a little something by Buddhist Punk or something from her favorite boutique called Runway, ... ...>

Objects of desire - Bangkok Post

Objects of desireBangkok Post, Thailand - 47 minutes agoCollecting amulets and other sacred items is a centuries-old tradition, some of it founded on Buddhist religious beliefs, some of it linked to superstitions ... ...>

Monk Cookie Blog Chicken

I regularly check on the "stats" for my blog--how many people are looking at it, what entries they're looking at, and what search parameters they use that lead them to my blog.  Someone googled "Monk Cookie Blog Chicken" and found me the other day.  How odd.  Th ...>

Non-Christians looking for more than tolerance - New Zealand Herald

Non-Christians looking for more than toleranceNew Zealand Herald, New Zealand - 34 minutes agoJoan Buchanan, a Canadian-born Buddhist now living at Orewa, told a pre-forum women's meeting that she was appalled at how "non-welcoming" New Zealand was ... ...>

Spate of bombings rock Thailand's deep South - Monsters and

Spate of bombings rock Thailand's deep SouthMonsters and, UK - 25 minutes ago... South are Muslim of ethnic Malay decent, with closer cultural affinities with neighbouring Malaysia than with the predominantly Buddhist Thai state. ... ...>

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