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Burmese Prisoner Dies in Cox's Bazar Jail - Narinjara News

Burmese Prisoner Dies in Cox's Bazar JailNarinjara News, Bangladesh - 13 minutes agoA Burmese prisoner recently passed away in a Cox's Bazar jail and was buried at an Arakanese Buddhist graveyard in Cox's Bazar district town late yesterday ... ...>

The Phenomenology of Cut and Paste

It is the strangest thing but I guess I should not be surprised. I've felt it for a long time now, but for some reason it just gained amazing presence in my mind: when I perform a cut operation on a text or image, with the intent of pasting it in a few moments onto another digital surface, I end up. ...>

Sites tell of prehistoric societies - Jakarta Post

Sites tell of prehistoric societiesJakarta Post, Indonesia - 1 hour agoUnlike the Hindu temples found in Indonesia, which are tall, these square constructions spread out horizontally and were more similar to typical Buddhist ... ...>

Mongolia East and West (In the West, not the East)

Still working on, i.e. mulling over between toenail clips, part deux of the Gobi trip. But until that marinates good 'n' tender, and so as not to lose you in your insatiable quest for new stimulation, lemme direct you to a coupla kool klicks. First off, Cuzzin Ryan dedicates the title of a whole po ...>

Controversial lama releases rap CD - China Post

China PostControversial lama releases rap CDChina Post, Taiwan - 16 minutes agoIn the songs, Singa mixes rap and hip-hop with chants of Buddhist sutras, and switches from Chinese to Tibetan and English. The songs deal mostly with love, ... ...>

Actress starring Lin Daiyu becomes nun -

Actress starring Lin Daiyu becomes, China - 17 minutes agoFormer Chinese actress and business celebrity Chen Xiaoxu has taken the tonsure at a Buddhist temple in Changchun, capital of Jilin province in northeast ... ...>

Save the South from fanatic Islamists - Bangkok Post

NDTV.comSave the South from fanatic IslamistsBangkok Post, Thailand - 16 hours agoRepeated, tightly-focused attacks on state cultural institutions such as schools, Buddhist temples and soft targets such as car showrooms and karaoke bars ...Hundreds of Thais Protest against Insurgent Attac ...>

A Preface To Peace In Sri Lanka: Tamil Self-Rule? Part II -

HinduA Preface To Peace In Sri Lanka: Tamil Self-Rule? Part, India - 3 hours agoBuddhist monks in general, exceptions are very few, instead of working towards holistic intercommunity relations, they have tragically aided the State in ...A composite vision of history H ...>

Night of chants crosses cultures - Albany Times Union

Night of chants crosses culturesAlbany Times Union, NY - 55 minutes agoChristian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and Muslim participants will each spend a few minutes demonstrating how their faiths use sound in their rituals. ... ...>

To integrate meditation in action

To integrate meditation in action is the whole ground and point and purpose of meditation. The violence and stress and the challenges and distractions of this modern life make this integration urgently necessary. How do we achieve this integration, this... ...>

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