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Terrible Twos

Yes, I got back from my Tsagaan Sar Gobi adventure this morning, and yes I’ve got ripping yarns and eye-popping pics and brilliantly hilarious and poignant Mongolian cultural observations to share, but no, tough noogies, you can’t have them today. Today was devoted to sacred tasks – laundry, ...>

First Freedoms from the Attorney General

First Freedoms from the Attorney General. I know, I laughed also. Excuse me but I find the following cynical, mendacious, and misguided: The Attorney General, yes that one that believes the President is above the Constitution, believes we can wiretap Americans without FISA court supervision, tort ...>

48 hours in Vientiane - Advertiser Adelaide

48 hours in VientianeAdvertiser Adelaide, Australia - 32 minutes agoFrench colonial villas standing next to ornate ancient Buddhist temples create a timeless atmosphere, while patisseries sit next to noodle bars, ... ...>

Beloved pets to obtain 'nirvana' Sunday at Watsonville Buddhist Temple - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Beloved pets to obtain 'nirvana' Sunday at Watsonville Buddhist TempleSanta Cruz Sentinel, CA - 1 hour agoIt's the first-ever such service to be held by the temple, but it's not an unusual ceremony in Buddhist faith, said Hanayama, who's urging everybody who's ... ...>

The dying process

Those who have been through the near-death experience have reported a startling range of aftereffects and changes. One woman said: The things that I felt slowly were a very heightened sense of love, the ability to communicate love, the ability... ...>

Anti-peace rallies mark anniversary of deal with Tigers -

Anti-peace rallies mark anniversary of deal with, Italy - 12 minutes agoThese are supporters of the Marxist People’s Liberation Front (JVP), a member of the government coalition, and Buddhist monks belonging to the extremist ... ...>

Exiled Buddhist returns to Vietnam - Chicago Tribune

Exiled Buddhist returns to VietnamChicago Tribune, IL - 19 minutes agoHANOI -- A prominent exiled Vietnamese monk returned to his homeland to lead mass prayers promoting reconciliation in a nation still nursing memories of war ... ...>

The art of Zen Buddhist priest seeks enlightenment through meditation - Waukegan News Sun

The art of Zen Buddhist priest seeks enlightenment through meditationWaukegan News Sun, IL - 1 hour agoChuck Hutchcraft, the Buddhist priest who leads the Grand Avenue Zen Group, likes to meditate along the shore of Lake Michigan. The beauty of the lake does ... ...>

Jacksonville Journal - Florida Times-Union

Jacksonville JournalFlorida Times-Union, FL - 1 hour agoThe Karma Thegsum Choling Jacksonville Tibetan Buddhist center will host the Venerable Bardor Tulku Rinpoche for a weekend of lectures and seminars today ... ...>

What Ought a Mindful Politics be Mindful Of?

I've been meaning to broach again the subject of a mindful politics but every time I think I have time to get my thoughts in order I am reminded of yet something else to grade! Finally, I've decided that instead of a semi-comprehensive post (well, quasi-comprehensive regarding the impetus and origin ...>

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