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It’s sunny and soon to be warm!

t's sunny and we are in for a warm weekend and even warmer week ahead. Hopefully all the leftover snow will melt quickly at the same time. It will be so nice to get out on a sunny day... ...>

The Story of the Tibetan Photo Project

"Visually and Respectfully Yours - The Story of the Tibetan Photo Project." ...>

Tough Love

So eight letters on my laptop's keyboard decided to go on strike (or, perhaps, non-strike?), and all the khan's horses and all the khan's men, at the end of a valiant day trying to salvage the board, solemnly declared themselves to have reached the zenith of their technical expertise and inventory, ...>

For meditation to happen

For meditation to happen, calm and auspicious conditions have to be created. Before we have mastery over our minds, we need first to calm their environment. At the moment, our minds are like a candle flame: unstable, flickering, constantly changing,... ...>

Monks offer cultural bridge - Albany Times Union

Monks offer cultural bridgeAlbany Times Union, NY - 28 minutes agoRinpoche, a 74-year-old Buddhist monk who came to the United States in 1979 and is now an American, graduated from Drepung while it was in Lhasa, Tibet, ... ...>

Lalu to put Buddhist sites on the railway map - Financial Express

Lalu to put Buddhist sites on the railway mapFinancial Express, India - 1 hour agoNEW DELHI, MAR 9: In an effort to make the foreign and domestic tourists conversant with Buddhist religious places, the Indian Railways has decided to run a ...Rly to run spl train connecting Buddhist sites H ...>

New Minister of Finance pays respects to Buddhist shrine before … - ThaisNews

New Minister of Finance pays respects to Buddhist shrine before ...ThaisNews, Thailand - 2 hours agoMr. Chalongphob paid respects to the Brahma relic, Buddhist shrine, and the Image of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn. The Permanent Secretary of Finance, ... ...>

Looted priceless ancient Buddhist artefacts seized in US returned - Gulf Times

Gulf TimesLooted priceless ancient Buddhist artefacts seized in US returnedGulf Times, Qatar - 15 minutes agoISLAMABAD: Thirty-eight ancient Buddhist artefacts dug up by treasure hunters and smuggled to the US were officially returned to Pakistan yesterday. ... ...>

Tragedy in Tibet: Part I -

Tragedy in Tibet: Part, TX - 2 hours agoPracticing Buddhist Tibetans live in harmony with nature, they believe in an interdependence of both living and non-living elements of the earth. ... ...>

Temple treats - China Daily

China DailyTemple treatsChina Daily, China - 46 minutes agoThis Buddhist temple, also called Temple of the White Pagoda was first built in the Yuan Dynasty, but was later burned down and rebuilt in the Ming Dynasty. ... ...>

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