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Opinion: Put an end to US-sponsored terrorism - San Jose Mercury News

Catholic News AgencyOpinion: Put an end to US-sponsored terrorismSan Jose Mercury News,  USA - 2 hours ago... Unitarian, Jewish, Muslim and Buddhist. We are aware that most experts agree that torture is not effective in achieving the goals of interrogation. ...Religious leaders ask Obama t ...>

Early Buddhist Relics Found in N.Jeolla Province - 조선일보(영문판)

Early Buddhist Relics Found in N.Jeolla Province조선일보(영문판), South Korea - 35 minutes agoImportant Buddhist relics including a golden sarira urn were discovered in the process of dismantling a stone pagoda listed as National Treasure no. ... ...>

Mom's the word: It can be that simple, and beautiful - Whittier Daily News

Mom's the word: It can be that simple, and beautifulWhittier Daily News, CA - 8 hours ago"I had long believed it because of my Buddhist faith, but this experience truly made it visible and real. We are all alike; and more than that, ... ...>

A Joseon queen’s lost Buddhist legacy - 중앙데일리

중앙데일리A Joseon queen’s lost Buddhist legacy중앙데일리, South Korea - 42 minutes agoThe Queen’s concern for her sickly son and her failure to produce another motivated her to order 400 Buddhist artworks, which included 50 paintings in ... ...>

INAUGURATION 2009: Voice of a new era - Atlanta Journal Constitution

INAUGURATION 2009: Voice of a new eraAtlanta Journal Constitution,  USA - 1 hour agoWhatever we once were, we are no longer just a Christian nation; we are also a Jewish nation, a Muslim nation, a Buddhist nation, a Hindu nation, ... ...>

Haiti struggles amid misery caused by storms - St. Louis Post-Dispatch

St. Louis Post-DispatchHaiti struggles amid misery caused by stormsSt. Louis Post-Dispatch,  United States - 1 hour agoJanuary 15 2009 - Taiwan Buddhist mission in Haiti organised a distribution of food, cloths and medicines to students and parents of the school "Republique ... ...>

Travel: Touring Ancient Temples - Sin Chew Jit Poh

Sin Chew Jit PohTravel: Touring Ancient TemplesSin Chew Jit Poh, Malaysia - 1 hour ago“The performances contained many mystical elements in the earliest days because they were performed by Buddhist priests to thank Buddha and ward off evil,” ... ...>

Former Buddhist Temple Constructed in 1925 Will Undergo Major … - Art Daily

Former Buddhist Temple Constructed in 1925 Will Undergo Major ...Art Daily, Maine - 32 minutes agoThe Japanese American National Museum announced that the windows in its Historic Building, the former Nishi Hongwanji Buddhist Temple, will be refurbished, ... ...>

Hope for India's 'broken' Buddhists - Ashin Mettacara

Hope for India's 'broken' BuddhistsAshin Mettacara, Sri Lanka - 1 hour agoBy Kalinga Seneviratne (Asia Time)NAGPUR - Over 50 years ago, the author of India's constitution, BR Ambedkar, set in motion a Buddhist socio-political ... ...>

Los colores bonitos, or how I learned to stop worrying and compare multiple feed metrics.

If you've been knocking about within FeedBurner using your Google Account, you may have noticed that the original "french fry" chart from the Analyze tab of the original is no more. This venerable bar chart, with its green picket fence of subscriber trend results, has been the first s ...>

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