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* Sri Lanka Buddhist party pays tribute to Russia for its support - Colombo Page

* Sri Lanka Buddhist party pays tribute to Russia for its supportColombo Page, Sri LankaMay 26, Colombo: Sri Lanka civil society led by the Buddhist monks today paid tribute to the government of Russia for their support to Sri Lanka in defeating terrorism. In a procession to the Russian Embassy ...>

Overseas young Chinese finish Zen and martial arts experience tour - Xinhua

Overseas young Chinese finish Zen and martial arts experience tourXinhua, ChinaI also learned calligraphy and tea ceremony in a buddhist university. As for many students, the class also offered chances for them to know more about people at their age from different countries. Soundbite: Zheng Ji ...>

Young Catholics lose fear of Muslims - IndianCatholic

Young Catholics lose fear of MuslimsIndianCatholic, IndiaMany Thais in the largely Buddhist country are suspicious of Muslims in the wake of Muslim separatist violence in the predominantly-Muslim southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani and Yala provinces. More than 3300 people have died since ...>

Myanmar Calm During Suu Kyi Trial - Wall Street Journal

Times OnlineMyanmar Calm During Suu Kyi TrialWall Street Journal"I don't want to talk about" the trial, said Khin Aung, who makes $26 a month guarding a religious shrine along a quiet street in this predominantly Buddhist community. Like many people, he was afraid of openly challengin ...>

Voice of the Martyrs Alert -

Voice of the Martyrs, VACompass Direct News reports that Buddhist villagers in southeastern Bangladesh forced Christians to participate in a Buddhist cremation rite for a deceased family member last weekend and demanded money for a post-funeral ceremony. Uttam Lal Chakma, 55 ...>

Cult of personality grows around Sri Lanka's leader - Globe and Mail

Washington PostCult of personality grows around Sri Lanka's leaderGlobe and Mail, Canada25, 2009 09:19PM EDT Dozens of others did the same, beneath billboards that pictured Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa in the white robes of a Buddhist deity. Ms. Waidyasekera explained, calmly, tha ...>

Interview with Charles Raison, MD - Part 3 -

Examiner.comInterview with Charles Raison, MD - Part 3Examiner.comCompassion meditation, a Buddhist religious practice, was secularized for the purpose of Raison's study of its impact on inflammation and stress reduction. Raison does not identify himself as either a Buddhist or a Jungian. Rather ...>

Buddhism and physics -

Buddhism and Bernstein) In his video "Where Science and Buddhism Meet," Gerald Penilla argues that there are such strong parallels between how physics and Eastern spirituality, including Buddhism, understand reality that the boundaries between them are not ... ...>

Novel Buddhist Centre at Keleththewa - Ceylon Daily News

Novel Buddhist Centre at KeleththewaCeylon Daily News, Sri LankaThe Thera made a firm determination to find the means to construct a Buddhist centre of this nature which would meet the basic needs of Bhikkhus who travel along this road. This Buddhist Centre constructed on a land bought by the T ...>

The Buddhist circuit has to improve radically - Livemint

The Buddhist circuit has to improve radicallyLivemint, IndiaThe quality of experience on the Buddhist circuit has to improve radically. We could become a Mecca for Buddhist tourists, because we have a huge heritage component. We need to make ourselves more tourist friendly. In terms of opportun ...>

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