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History of Korean Buddhism - Arirang News

History of Korean BuddhismArirang NewsThe temple is a treasure of Korean Buddhist history, housing an array of priceless cultural artifacts. The temple is known to be the oldest surviving Buddhist temple in the nation. Jeondeungsa Temple] "Jeondeungsa Temple was built in the year 381. ... ...>

Dalai Lama Speaks at SMU - NBC Dallas-Fort Worth

Deseret NewsDalai Lama Speaks at SMUNBC Dallas-Fort WorthThe Buddhist spiritual leader came to town Monday, well maybe yesterday, as part of the 10th Hart Global Leaders Forum. School officials also gave him an honorary degree but not a coaching position on June Jones' staff, although he did rec ...>

Appeals court voids confession, conviction of teen in Buddhist temple massacre - Verde Independent

Appeals court voids confession, conviction of teen in Buddhist temple massacreVerde IndependentPHOENIX -- For the second time, a federal appeals court has voided the confession -- and conviction -- of a former teen in connection with the 1991 murders of nine people at a Buddhist temple in west Phoen ...>

Poodle Radio on PUEBLO, CycleMAYnia, Buddhist art, and More - Santa Barbara Independent

Poodle Radio on PUEBLO, CycleMAYnia, Buddhist art, and MoreSanta Barbara IndependentThen, Lark Batteau returns to the studio to discuss the opening of Buddha Abides, the Buddhist art show she curates, as it enters its 11th year. After that comes a discussion with Lynnelle Williams and Roz Sherman, t ...>

Join Buddhist community celebrations - Hume Leader

International Business TimesJoin Buddhist community celebrationsHume LeaderMark the birth of Buddha with Venerable Makola Nanda and Venerable Kotte Santhindriya from North Victorian Buddhist Association. KYLIE ELSE HUME Buddhists invite the community to join them for the Vesak Festival, marking the ...>

Scholarly achievement: Encyclopaedia of Buddhism complete - Ceylon Daily News

Ceylon Daily NewsScholarly achievement: Encyclopaedia of Buddhism completeCeylon Daily NewsThe first edition of the Encyclopaedia of Buddhism has now been completed. It is a scholarly undertaking in the Buddhist world done through many obstacles hardships over the years, its Editor-in-Chief Dr WG We ...>

Buddhist awakening in country, says PM - Ceylon Daily News

Buddhist awakening in country, says PMCeylon Daily News'There has been a great Buddhist awakening in the country as never seen before. President Mahinda Rajapaksa's leadership too has contributed towards creating this new thinking among society, said Prime Minister DM Jayaratne. ... ...>

Victory Day - Toronto Star

Victory DayToronto StarNepal religious festival The Nepalese Festival of Machindranath is one of the main festivals observed by Buddhist and Hindu c... Five fascinating Jane's Walks With hundreds of free, volunteer-led tours in the GTA over the weekend celebrating the legacy ...and more &ra ...>

Mindful Meditation Might Ease Irritable Bowel Syndrome - U.S. News & World Report

ABC7Chicago.comMindful Meditation Might Ease Irritable Bowel SyndromeU.S. News & World ReportOne of the study authors said the practice, based on a Buddhist meditative technique, "empowers" patients to deal with an illness that is difficult to treat. "It's not easy to treat IBS [i ...>

Jury selection for anti-nuke protesters delves into American history - Knoxville News Sentinel

Jury selection for anti-nuke protesters delves into American historyKnoxville News SentinelSister Denise Laffan, a Buddhist nun from the Great Smoky Mountains Peace Pagoda in Newport, Tenn., plays a drum and prays outside the federal courthouse on Monday, May 9, 2011. Laffan hoped to provide support ...>

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