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Noah Levine, Dharma Punx Against the Stream

I just had to combine the titles of his books to make that post header. Our sangha (River Sangha, Salem, OR) was fortunate to have Noah Levine join us for a brief talk about his background and the promise of practice. His story can be quite compelling, and Dharma Punx in particular speaks to a who ...>

Senate Caves

Let me fix that again: it should say, I will continue spying on you. Just in case my views on this were not clear... (yes, I have views): Warrantless wiretapping, the existence of (a) secret court(s), the theory of a "unitary executive," the use signing statements to thwart the will of Congres ...>

Buying the Farm

I've listed this under "Humor" albeit of a dark nature. My apologies if it offends your sensibilities. Today's local paper here has an obituary for a faculty member I knew. I don't normally read the obituaries page, but since I knew the person I thought I'd check that obit. In doing just that I came ...>

The Other Side of Photography

Just a quick link to a short article in Apogee magazine (The Other Side of Photography) about being a mindful photographer. The word mindful is not present in the article, but the author clearly encourages deep reflection/attention, and being fully present. If you like photography check it out. ...>

The Many Faces of Nacho

I had mentioned to Kendall (from Kendall's Quest a wonderful blog, check it out!) that I would post a picture of myself here, and then I went and posted one of my wife Michelle instead. So, in her latest comment she asks when I will post a pic of myself... Ok then, here are the many faces of Nacho ...>

Seagulls & More

A new gallery of recent photos. Check out the seagull photos. Taking those was a challenge, as those birds don't know the meaning of the words "keep still." *smile* ...>

Lack of Moral Imagination & Softness of Head

I started this entry before I went out of town a couple of weeks ago (July 13) and now feel it is a bit late, but anyway here it goes: Michael Gerson writes in The Washington Post (What Atheists Can't Answer) a particularly silly argument about morality, religion, and atheism. That such an argumen ...>

She Who Must Be Obeyed

A picture of my beautiful wife. I took it yesterday at Lincoln City, OR. We went to the coast to meet some friends and bring the kids and my parents for a drive to the coast, etc. The pic itself is not the sharpest, but at this size it shows up fine. I took it with the Nikon D70. Click on the pictur ...>

Prophetic Bush

If you've read this blog just a little you know how I feel about this purported statement by President Bush. It is downright scary, and reveals the most troublesome aspect of religion. I know that many would say that this is "religion gone bad." That this interpretation of God calling the President ...>

American Monarchy

And you thought we did not have a monarchy in this country! Check out the latest news, the White House claims the DOJ: "will never be allowed to pursue contempt charges initiated by Congress against White House officials once the president has invoked executive privilege." In short, the Justice Depa ...>

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