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Asinine Quote of the Day

Asinine quote of the day, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), after Dems failed to muster enough votes to override the Republican filibuster on the Defense bill:"To finally change direction -- that's our goal," said Reid, who concluded the debate before the vote by calling for a prayer from a ...>

Photo Galleries

These are not the best shots in the world, although I think some of them are darn good, but they reveal some of what we've been up to lately. Kendall asked for my reposting of the flower photos (mostly roses), and I decided to post a few other collections. These are outside of Typepad. The gallerie ...>

Harry Potter and the Minions of Doom

Ok, that was too cutesy for the title of a post, but I'm not as excited about the supposedly last book in the Harry Potter series, or even the latest movie, as I am about the rash of commentary likely to come out about how Harry Potter is evil, teaches our kids "satanic" stuff, destroys the morals o ...>

Theodore Roosevelt Quotes

As I was writing my next entry, I decided to use a phrase by Theodore Roosevelt that I have always liked. As usual, citing Theodore Roosevelt comes with a bit of rising bile. The man was full of a hearty populist appeal, and at the same time retrograde in his "man's man" mentality, his cult of stro ...>

Back Home & Getting Bent!

It feels good to come home! We've been gone for a few days, hence the quietness here at WoodMoor Village. My parents came to visit, and we went to central Oregon and visited various sites around Bend, Sisters, etc. This state is indeed beautiful, and we are partial to Central Oregon, especially the ...>

Hindu Prayer in Congress

Oh, the folly... on both sides of this equation. But we don't seem to learn, do we? So, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), invites a Hindu clergyman to offer the Senate's daily prayer... sounds already like a drum roll should be coming next. Yes, the Senate still offers prayers everyday. It ...>

Piece of Ground, Lyrics

One of the songs I will feature in my upcoming class on Dissent is "Piece of Ground," written by Jeremy Taylor in 1960 as a protest against the South African Apartheid system. The version I will play is sung by Miriam Makeba, and what a wonderful job she does of singing it. I've heard this song sung ...>

Pagan Chaplains, Pagan Elected Officials

This is the recent question in the On Faith section of The Washington Post: "This July 4, Pagans rallied outside the White House. They want the military to add a Pagan chaplain. Should they get one? Would you vote for a Pagan for public office?" Answers from some of the panelists follow. I've ...>

Religion-Industrial Complex?

The Washington Post has started a new "blog" within their On Faith online initiative. This new blog, penned by Jacques Berlinerblau, aims to explore the "Religio-Industrial Complex..." yes, dramatic pause. It should remind you of Ike's famous and quite prescient pronouncement regarding a "Military- ...>

New Kia Sedona 2007

Bought a new car yesterday. Our old car was too cramped, the kids had certainly outgrown its confines, and thus we needed something more family-friendly. The actual buying of the Kia Sedona was not a very difficult thing to either plan or do, although it took us a bit by surprise. I was expecting ...>

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