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Praying for Rain

Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama has issued a proclamation asking Alabamans (although I wonder whether it would work if people from Arkansas prayed also) for a week of praying for rain. Apparently, the proclamation also included an endorsement from the Alabama Farmers Federation and the Alabama Farme ...>

iPhone Madness

The iPhone is hitting the stores tomorrow and we have great techno-madness going on. About the only way it could get worse is if it was somehow linked to Paris Hilton breaking out of Jail to get an iPhone, and Britney Spears (sans undies) giving Paris a kiss in front of the San Francisco Apple store ...>

Cheney: Executive, Legislator, Unaccountable Megalomaniac?

This might be considered by many a political rant, but frankly, I think Americans need to pay mindful attention to this so that we can collectively work to transform it. The issue? The Vice President's delusional mind. No kidding. Republican or Democrat, is this what we should be getting from an ele ...>

Pema Chodron on Discomfort and Practice

T (Republic of T) inspired me to cite a part of an essay by Pema Chodron that I find straightforward and helpful. I hope it is good for you also:"Discomfort of any kind also becomes the basis for practice. We breathe in knowing that our pain is shared; there are people all over the earth feeling jus ...>

A World of Agnostics

Fellow blogger T, at The Republic of T, has a very interesting post covering many issues, but culminating in the following set of questions: So, are all of the people losing their religion? Or voluntarily laying down the “burden of certainty” and learning to make peace with uncertainty? To sit, ...>

New Canon S3 IS

I decided to get a simple point and shoot digital camera that would work as a bridge between the Nikon Coolpix 4200 I use most of the time for quick shots, and the Nikon D70 dSLR that I borrow from my Department when I go on more serious photographic explorations. I bought a Canon S3 IS. Quite the ...>

The Way I Think About Math

I've always been darn bad at Math. Starting in 8th grade I think. High School Math was awful. I took Geometry because the teacher was cute. Such was my thinking about Math. College Math was no better. If you are a believer in multiple intelligences you'll recognize that we can have great aptitude fo ...>

Eco’s UR-Fascism

I thought I would have time to write about Umberto Eco's UR-Fascism statement, but I have too much other writing to do. In any case, here's a .PDF file of it. You will also find it at the very beginning of Chris Hedges book American Fascists. You can download Eco's UR-Fascism essay here in.pdf. Yes, ...>

Quieting the Mind in the Classroom

Sounds a bit off doesn't it? I usually want my students to wake up and get their minds in gear while in the classroom. Then again, there is really no contradiction. There are times when you need students to settle down, to focus and exert a bit of mental discipline. A mindfulness practice does wond ...>

Happy Father’s Day!

A very happy father's day for all of you (dads, moms, etc.). I want to be as inclusive as possible. Plenty of moms performing both roles out there, and plenty of dads that others (usually religious right types) don't want to acknowledge. So, I hope you have had a wonderful father's day, in the compa ...>

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