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WoodMoor Village Turns Three!

A nother excuse for celebrating, WoodMoor Village turns three years old this month. It has surprised me plenty, especially its sticking around for this long. It has been a wonderful journey so far, and I've come to truly appreciate the various folks that have crossed WoodMoor's path. To celebrate I ...>

Flower Photos

Back from the conference in Southern Cali, and looking forward to posting about various happenings here and there. But first... a photographic interlude. I recently bought a Canon S3 IS... yes a "superzoom" with full manual control. I already have access to a wonderful Nikon D70 (dSLR), and a Niko ...>


From sunny California, I have to post this fantastic poem that my friend apparently Werner read at sangha yesterday. I got it via email today and just had to share it here in WoodMoor Village. Read it! The less words I use to describe it the better: New by Dara Gatling Austin Take off the ba ...>


After what seems like forever I am back! Well... sort of. I've been buried revising a few monographs for journals, and putting together my tenure portfolio for external reviewers. That has been consuming pretty much all my time. Between writing, revising, putting together the files for the portfoli ...>

Terra’s 4th Birthday

Terra turned 4 last Saturday! Woohoo! Time has certainly flown by... Amazing ain't it? At first the doctors (geneticists) thought she would not live past her first year. She's certainly proven that assessment wrong. Then again, I hope she has plenty of room to grow and learn and develop. We keep wo ...>

Making Love with Hafiz

Lately I've been reading Hafiz's poetry again, and it is a bell of mindfulness. Well, more like quite a few bells. Part of what I like best about his poetry is the complete sense of playfulness that pours from it. This man was having a good time. It comes across so clearly as he speaks of the divine ...>

Democratic Let Down

Sorry folks, here's a bit of getting this out of my system. I lived long enough in Washington D.C., and before that paid plenty of attention (and studied) politics to know that hard compromises and unpalatable deals, you scratch my back I'll scratch yours, real-politik, whatever cute name you prefer ...>

Proving God’s Existence Scientifically

Don't know if anybody caught the May 5 ABC hosted debate between Kirk Cameron (from the old Growing Pains TV show) and Ray Comfort, and two folks from Rational Response Squad. It was laughable. Really. The debate whether God exists. Not gods mind you, but God. This was a/the deity, unseen, omnipoten ...>

Mindfulness of Cheese

After the post about reading and eating the other day I just had to go and have some. So I went to Powells', got myself plenty of cool books, and bought a small assortment of everyday cheeses. The picture shows Sheep Pecorino Romano, Parmigiano Romano (Raw Milk) Mitica (check out this recent articl ...>

The Radical Secularist Agenda

Between one of my Red-Eye Tetras (also called Lamp-Eye Tetras) jumping out of the tank and flopping on the carpet, my making a delicious ginger syrup and ginger-lime-garlic pork ribs for my wife's lunch, and revising a paper on colonial biopolitics, I have not had much of a chance today to post abo ...>

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