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Religion in the News

I had penned this post about a recent article in The Washington Post regarding evangelicals being "disdained" in the classroom, but as luck would have it, my system crashed, lost the whole thing, and I'm just too tired and lazy to re-write it. So, here are a few links to follow if you are intereste ...>

More On Episcopalian Split

The situation keeps getting worse in the Episcopalian church, Anglican communion (see here for a previous post), and all primarily because some members of the Church just cannot take some scriptures on loving all to heart (read, homosexuals). Now, the conservative Northern Virginia priest who led pa ...>

Reagan…and Lincoln

Crooks and Liars has a short blurb on the first Republican debate of this season, and highlights all the reverence and genuflection to President Reagan. Reagan indeed won the debate last night, and will probably continue winning them! When it is not Reagan, it is Lincoln. Funny that Reagan becomes ...>

Wiccan Emblem on Headstones

Last Monday the U.S. decided to finally include the Wiccan pentacle as one of the accepted symbols for use in national cemeteries and headstones (government-issued) of fallen soldiers. You can see a list of all the emblems currently allowed on this Dept. of Veteran Affairs page. I'm glad Wiccans get ...>

Fom The Dhammapada

The thought manifests as the word, The word manifests as the deed, The deed develops into habit, And the habit into character, So watch the thought and its ways with care, And let it spring from love, Born out of concern for all beings… As the shadow follows the body, As we think, so we ...>

Outsourcing American Style

Getting worse by the minute, yet another scandal in a town that seems to go from one to the next, and the media machine just has to wait a few minutes for the next one. Need a good laugh about now? Read this statement by deputy secretary of state Randall L. Tobias: On Friday, Randall L. Tobias r ...>

Vatican Panel Discounts Limbo for Unbaptized

Who would have thunk it? Not really. Limbo has always been an amazingly simple-minded doctrinal notion, and they've been trying to get rid of it for quite some time. Still the following quote below just asks for "no freaking kidding?", "about time," and "Duh!," responses. I grew up Catholic, this ...>

Terra’s Dental Work

Poor little Terra had to have some serious dental work a few weeks ago, and I think it is just now that she's getting adjusted to the new situation. Apparently, Terra's two front teeth were in pretty bad shape. The Dentist recommended removing those teeth (she'll be four in late May, so it is not un ...>

Ad Free Education Wikis at PBWiki

A while back I posted on Wikis and my search for a good wiki system that I could use for some school projects I had in mind. I ended up checking StikiPad, PBWiki, and a bunch of other wikis, but ultimately did not arrive at a final decision on one system or another. I'm still making up my mind. I l ...>

Dharma Posters

This is one of two fundraising posters for the Monasteries in Vietnam (established by Thich Nhat Hanh). The posters were created by a sangha member from the Community of Mindful Living Southern Oregon. From their site:The posters come in full color on paper which, when trimmed, fit neatly into an 1 ...>

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