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Spiritual Eclecticism

This is an interesting story at The Washington Post: For Gods and Country, re an Army Chaplain (Don Larsen) who went from being a Pentecostal Christian minister -- to a Wiccan chaplain. His application to become the U.S. armed forces' first Wiccan chaplain was denied, and they took him out of Iraq. ...>

Owner of a Lonely Heart Recipe

I call this my Owner of a Lonely Heart Recipe. Don't know why, maybe something having to do with my state of mind when I first tried it. Or maybe I was just listening to Yes. Basmati Rice and Quinoa Salad with Blue Cheese, Raisins and Orange Bits Let us start from the top The Basmati Rice ...>

Turkish Creationist Book

A new report on Creationism and Evolution, this one tinged with the flavor of Muslim belief rather than our usual fare here of Conservative Christianity. Apparently, a Turkish Muslim author's book (The Atlas of Creation) on Creationism is being sent to French schools, in sort of a mass mailing camp ...>

New Songs for Peace

Intriguing site I recently found: New Songs for Peace. This is what their description reads like:This UNESCO-endorsed "New Songs for Peace" project is intended to encourage people to think about peace, talk about peace, and write a new song that we will collect and self-publish in a book. These new ...>

Fast-Acting Relief

For fast-acting relief, try slowing down. -- Lilly Tomlin ...>

Catching Up

Whew! We are coming out of an interesting weekend and few days. Phoenix developed a bad croup (with the barking cough and all), high fever, seriously troubled sleeping, poor breathing (we thought it might have been pneumonia), bags under his eyes, the works! He was pretty beat there for a few days, ...>

Habeas Corpus Limerick

There was an old guy Pinochet Who thought Human Rights were passé He ruled out Habeas Corpus Disappeared the obnoxious Says Bush to Alberto now, Olé! Promptly Alberto proclaimed To hell with the Founder's intent You can't take away What you never had, nay! The Constitution I'd rather fo ...>

Dar William’s Echoes

Dar William's Echoes. A student of mine just reminded me of this tune. Echoes Every time you love just a little Take one step closer, solving a riddle It echoes all over the world Every time you opt in to kindness Make one connection, used to divide us It echoes all over the world ...>

‘Epping’ Terra

One of the phrases that Terra has mastered, and which she uses quite often, is "help me." Now, it comes out more like an "ep me," and even "hep me," but it is clear what she means, and, the cry being so plaintive, it is impossible to refuse, it is impossible not to drop everything one is doing and ...>

Dharma Seeds

My friend Werner, who commented recently in the Wikis in Higher Education post, highlighted a neat new project from Joanna and Fran Macy. Let me quote him:I am among several folks who are in the process of planning a 30 day intensive retreat with Joanna Macy ( where 52 ...>

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