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Everything is Waiting for You, David Whyte

Here's the poem I sent this week in my weekly email reminder for the Willamette Mindfulness Practice Group: At the end of the semester, with countless deadlines, lots of work left to do, the urgency everything seems to gain, it is easy to forget that there is a flow to things, an interconnection t ...>

48% Increase in Hate

A bit of news from the Southern Poverty Law Center: "Racism is a serious problem in America. We've identified 888 organized hate groups — a staggering 48% increase since 2000." I still meet people that tell me that racism and other forms of hate are not a serious issue in the U.S. any more. ...>

Pennsylvania Primary

Whew! The Pennsylvania primaries are over. Maybe. I think we are going to see much of the same intensity in Indiana. Not necessarily a bad thing in my book. As expected there is tons of spin from both sides, and the MSM (mainstream media) is making all sorts of predictions about the next states. Ind ...>

Shinto, by Jorge Luis Borges

Shinto by Jorge Luis Borges When sorrow lays us low for a second we are saved by humble windfalls of the mindfulness or memory: the taste of a fruit, the taste of water, that face given back to us by a dream, the first jasmine of November, the endless yearning of the compass, a book we t ...>

Debate? Don’t Drink the Koolaid

A quick note on last night's debate in Pennsylvania between Sen.'s Obama and Clinton: What a waste eh? Millions of dollars poured into such events only to see ABC turn it into more of what we see everyday: a spectacle where the media becomes its own glorious subject. There are many things I want to ...>

Springsteen for Obama

Bruce Springsteen has come out in support of Sen. Obama's candidacy. You can read the full letter on his website, but here's a taste of it: "After the terrible damage done over the past eight years, a great American reclamation project needs to be undertaken. I believe that Senator Obama is the be ...>

Clinging to Religion, Bitter and Frustrated?

Is the dust settling a bit from the Obama "bitter" fake controversy? If so, here's the issue that really animated me, and one that has not been discussed much at all in Wow. Stop. I was about to say "has not been discussed much at all in the media." This is why you need friends to blog. They can ...>

Atheists Dangerous for Children?

Well, according to Rep. Monique Davis (D-Chicago), it is dangerous for children to know about this atheist "philosophy." In a very sad, if not tragic, situation, Rep. Davis attacked an atheist activist (Rob Sherman) during testimony last week before the House State Government Administration Commit ...>

Starhawk Denied Entry into Israel

Starhawk has a column today in the On Faith section of The Washington Post that speaks to her recent experience been denied entry into Israel because of her association and work with the International Solidarity Movement. Here are the last few paragraphs from the column: I believe the sacred is pr ...>

Swiftboating Obama?

Here's an interesting piece by David Michael Green on the "swiftboating of Obama." Do read it, I think it makes sense. The whole business with Rev. Wright has been stretched beyond its breaking point. The comparison Mr. Green draws between Obama and Bush is quite to the point. ...>

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