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Giving Meditation a Spin

The Washington Post has an article on Meditation as a way to combat the growing stress in our lives, and highlighting the rapidly growing interest in meditative practice as a mental toolset. Unfortunately, it is not an in-depth article. The piece essentially rehearses the same information that has ...>

Dialog of the Week

From The Princess's Bride: Dread Pirate Roberts: You're that smart? Vizzini: Let me put it this way: have you ever heard of Plato, Aristotle, Socrates? Dread Pirate Roberts: Yes. Vizzini: Morons. ...>

Wikis & Higher Education

Any of you out there tried StikiPad yet? I'm not fond of the business model (another expense, the free version is too limited in bandwidth and storage), but it just looks pretty neat and simplifies playing with a Wiki. It would be great if it had a nice calendar subsystem built in, especially one ...>

Signing with Terra

Editorial Note: If you recall one of my New Year resolutions was to post more about Terra -- perhaps as prelude to finally starting a blog about her, and about her condition. This entry started as a note to family that my wife wrote about a week ago. I've modified it slightly. You can tell the diffe ...>

Beyond the Question, May Sarton

A friend from Sangha sent this nice poem a while back. Thought you might enjoy it. Beyond the Question by May Sarton The phoebe sits on her nest Hour after hour, Day after day, Waiting for life to burst out From under her warmth. Can I weave a nest for silence, Weave it of listening, ...>

Spiritual Diversity & Rev. Falwell

It is delightful to find some good sentiments coming out of the mouth of such a figure as Rev. Falwell. In a recent essay in, "Is the Culture Overpowering our Churches?" (isn't that the perpetual concern? Why not, how can we adapt to cultural change?), Falwell actually says two thi ...>

Escalating “Securing” the Peace

The funniest name yet for Mr. Bush: The Escalator. Rings too true. He has already given up on the "terminator" (and we have one in California anyway) when he said last year that he conflict with Iraq would become the burden of whomever came next. He was the "initiator," and the "pacifier" certainly ...>

Apple iPhone Revisited

The excitement over the iPhone keeps growing. Various financial analysts have reported quite positively on the product, with one of those, UBS Investment Research, getting right to what the iPhone truly represents for Apple, a "convergence platform." That is exactly what the iPhone represents. It ...>

Buddhist Congresswoman Rep. Hirono

The Buddhist Channel has a short article on Rep. Mazie Hirono, a Democrat from Hawaii, who also happens to be Buddhist. While much attention was devoted to Rep. Keith Ellison (Democrat, Minnesota) for his decision to be sworn in with a Quran instead of a Bible, Rep. Hirono needed no holy book - say ...>

iPhone & Concordant Discordance

Apple today announced two very neat products: an iPhone (Click the image for a larger picture) that is based on a small data pad with what appears to be a neat user interface, and their AppleTV. Now, I'm a certified Apple Fan, but I always find the response of Apple fans much more exciting than the ...>

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