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Children of Men

I'm still in Massachusetts visiting friends (hence the paucity of posts lately), but wanted to take a moment to give a shout out to the movie Children of Men. I know it just opened so I will not spoil your viewing with spoilers, but it is gritty and gripping. It hits your senses. And even though it ...>

First Big Joke of the Year

With apologies to Bobby "joke-man" Malone from Wichita, KS, but this is so far the first big joke of the new year: Bush Pledges to Balance Federal Budget by 2012, and... Calls on Congress to Curb Spending. All this time people thought he didn't have a sense of humor! Perhaps with all the nice things ...>

Millions of WoodMoor Villages

So how has this year started for you already? What has yesterday and today brought to you so far? Today just brought tons of joy my way as I woke Phoenix by covering him with kisses and hugging him tight, and by scampering around with Terra in our big down comforter (which she loves). I miss Alex, w ...>

Happy & Beta Fair Trade Mindfulness New Year!

The paucity of posting has been inevitable. There is much work in preparing for next semester, and I've been busily going at it. Still, there are some resolutions to be had for this year, and some changes coming to WoodMoor Village. Why not? Impermanence rulez! Like the tag line of ClioWeb says: His ...>

Yes! Magazine

For quite a few years I've been truly enjoying Yes!, the magazine of the Positive Futures Network. The PFN is is an independent, nonprofit organization that supports folks active engagement in creating the kind of world we want to see: a just, compassionate, peaceful, and loving-kind world. They g ...>

Forgiveness & Poverty

Forgive me, I'm not trying, nor desire, to be preachy, but these two organizations have recently come across my inbox and I want to highlight them here. To be sure, there are many such organizations out >there, more than I can highlight here. There are blogs dedicated to the work of social justic ...>

Sleepwalking Santa

Today as we were driving to Portland for one of Terra's medical appointments (we have to visit a few doctors in Portland: Pediatric Neurologists, Pediatric Ophtalmologists, the Geneticist, Speech Therapists, and members of a developmental team. Not to mention Ear surgeons, MRI techs, EEG folks, etc. ...>

Dave Barry’s Gift-Giving Guide

Do check this out, Dave Barry's desperation gifts guide:Holiday, gift-giving is a tradition, that dates back roughly 2.006 years, to when the Three Wise Men went to Bethlehem with gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh for the Baby Jesus. Of course, the next day the Virgin Mary returned these items ...>

Refuge & Transgression

Back in the On Faith conversation (see previous entry) on the Pledge of Allegiance, a poster self-describing as Buddhist makes the following statement:As a Buddhist, to assert that I am "under God" in any way is a violation of my religious vows. Specifically, as part of the basic refuge vows -- whi ...>

Jimmy Carter, Apartheid, Israel

I've only read the book excerpts here (ABC's excerpt) and there on the internet (Democracy Now's conversation transcript) but I intend to buy President Carter's book this week: Jimmy Carter - Palestine, Peace Not Apartheid - . I will confess to being inclined to agree with Pres. Carter. The reprehe ...>

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