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On Faith & Pledge of Allegiance

In case you have not had a chance to see it, The Washington Post (through Newsweek) has a section called On Faith, with some ongoing conversations on the quintessential topics (is the U.S. a Xtian nation, should the Pledge of Allegiance have "under God" in it, and so forth). I couldn't resist and p ...>

Soy Makes You Gay

Ah, the net is abuzz with this one: A Devil Food Is Turning Our Kids into Homosexuals by Jim Rutz at WorldNetDaily. Really, you just have to check it out. I just bought a bunch of soy beans today... Here's the PFAW blurb on it: Soy Makes You Gay. Other foods out there that make you gay? How about me ...>


Check out MacWorld for a good series on the much vaunted Microsoft "iPod-killer," the Zunes music player. This last entry raises very good points about the Zunes, especially its DRM and agreements with music vendors that effectively treat consumers like criminals. Andy Inathko has another review tha ...>

Amen Stuck in my Throat

Five very simple theses I presented to my wife's family (nice folks, loving of their family, upright people), and others, back when the war had not yet begun: 1) This war is unnecessary 2) This war is inefficient 3) This war does not solve the problem 4) The scope of this war is uncontrollable ...>

Wildflowers, Xu Yun

You've traveled up ten thousand steps in search of the Dharma. So many long days in the archives, copying, copying. The gravity of the Tang and the profundity of the Sung make heavy baggage. Here! I've picked you a bunch of wildflowers. Their meaning is the same but they're much easier to ...>

Hagan Responds to Dole

The Kay Hagan video in response to Elizabeth Dole's "Atheism" attack on Hagan: I see the whole thing as pretty sad. A senator and a candidate for senate trading video attacks on who is religious or not? Sorry but, although my political sympathies lie with Kay Hagan, and I find Dole's attack egre ...>

Can I Vote on Your Marriage?

Check out the T-Shirt for sale at That is a great line, but I wonder if folks that wear it will get verbally assaulted or worse. You can also get it as a bumper sticker. Neat perspective by incongruity example for my Dramatism class next semester. ...>

Yes, We Can

I know this is old by now, and that it is a day early to be celebrating, but no matter what happens, the sentiments are best captured here: ...>

Election Day, Finally!

Well, good luck out there today. Don't be too impatient. Reports of long lines and waits continue. I live in Oregon so I don't have to worry about such things. In fact, I look at reports of waiting any time to vote and am astounded. Does it really have to be like this in the U.S.? Really? Selectin ...>

Buddhist Conservatives?

We've had some simple conversations here and there in this blog on Buddhism ad politics, and whether there are Buddhists who align themselves politically with conservatism. What's more, the question was whether Buddhism assumes a liberal, progressive stance (as those terms are understood in our U.S ...>

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