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Can I Vote on Your Marriage?

Check out the T-Shirt for sale at That is a great line, but I wonder if folks that wear it will get verbally assaulted or worse. You can also get it as a bumper sticker. Neat perspective by incongruity example for my Dramatism class next semester. ...>

An Alternative Read on the Win

The Onion hits us with a nice dose of perspective by incongruity: "After emerging victorious from one of the most pivotal elections in history, president-elect Barack Obama will assume the role of commander in chief on Jan. 20, shattering a racial barrier the United States is, at long last, shitty ...>

God Bless the Planet?

From Watching America's translation of French reporting on Obama's victory (from La "The real revolution in the United States will come not on the day a black president is elected but on the day a president of any color says, ‘God bless the planet,’ instead of, ‘God bless Ame ...>

Miriam Makeba: RIP

Sad news, Miriam Makeba passed away just a few days ago. I've been wanting to write a post about it, but what can I say? Great musician, social commentator, activist, cultural ambassador. She brought joy to my life, and she will be missed (much like Celia Cruz). Here is a song that, although not o ...>

Which of your civil rights should my religion decide you should lose?

TerranceDC over at Pam's House Blend (our friend from Republic of T) has a neat post with a collection of good slogans for those opposed to Prop 8 or any other measure/attempt to ban same sex marriage. Actually, they are prompts for critical reflection on the implications of the passage of Prop. 8. ...>

Gay Fascism?

I know this should not surprise me, coming as it is from Newt Gringrich, but... Really? These folks continue their attack on common sense and reality with an abandon I would expect of folks who just don't care anymore and want to "go out in style." He really did say this: "I think there is a gay ...>

Wild Geese

I have a new series of shots reflecting on the poetry of Autumnal woods -- in my Zenfolio gallery. Check it out if you have a chance. I'm still not up to speed in uploading images to the Zenfolio site. Way too many images, little time, and still working on many other images. Nevertheless, I recent ...>

Letter to the Vatican from Rev. Roy Bourgeois

I don't know if you've ever heard Father Roy Bourgeois speak, but I have a lot of respect for somebody who has put his life on the line to reminds us of the better angels of our nature. He has been a staunch opponent of the School of the Americas, and has spent a great deal of his life standing up ...>

Feliz Navidad

Well, I hope you've had a wonderful day and week, and that the rest of the year ends full of joy and happiness. Oh, and have a Happy New Year also. I might post before then, but maybe just once. It is definitely time to work on O-Soji and this time around there's plenty to organize, and many decks t ...>


I posted this over at Exposure-Latitudes (my blog about photography), and thought I'd also post it here. Brief variations on a theme. Xmas to Post-Xmas in four days. Click on the image(s) to get a larger version.    ...>

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