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McCain & Jesus…

The semester has ended, my grading is finished, and now I have to get ready for sabbatical. That's what has been taking much of my time (Oh, and a conference I just got back from...), but, for your reading pleasure here's a quintessential move -- the comparison to Jesus Christ: (from The Atlanta Jo ...>

Are Conservatives Happier?

Before I read the following article I would have shouted Hell No! But check out the following article "Conservatives Happier than Liberals." Also please read T's (Republic of T) post on this article. He does a good job of parsing out arguments about such supposed happiness by Conservatives. Here' ...>

We’re Back!

Yes, we are back with gusto, verve, and newfound excitement! Well, we are back period. It has been a long time this hiatus, but the Summer has been a wonderful respite and mindful period, and now I am eager to revive WoodMoor Village and start blogging again. Expect a change in format and design ...>

I Will Not Be Broken

Editorial Note: I've been working on this review for some time now, and have ended up screwing up so badly by delaying posting it. First off on vacation, then attended a conference, had to catch up with some promised work, and two paper revisions for publication came in and I had to finish those. T ...>

Sex-Ed McCain and Obama

By now I bet all of you out there have heard about the ad that the McCain campaign put out accusing Sen. Obama of wanting to teach sex-ed to kindergartners "before they learn to read." There is a growing media backlash against the McCain campaign because, frankly, the ad and the constant lying has ...>

“Truthiness” in Action

If you were ever waiting for an example of "Truthtiness" in action, look no further than today's Washington Post. As you will recall, truthiness, a satirical neologism invented by Stephen Colbert back in 2005 (of The Colbert Report fame. I hope you know this and have not been living under a rock), r ...>

Counterattack on Sex. Ed.

Finally, somebody doing the kind of ad necessary to challenge McCain's deceptive ad on same sex. ed. Notice the framing does not repeat McCain's attack. What it does is challenge McCain on a believable claim "Isn't he just another politician saying whatever to get elected..." making the point that ...>

Buddhist Approach Schools and the Promise of…

Has this worked for Catholic schools? The Buddhist TV Channel has a few articles on Buddhist approach schools -- pretty much what we would call private religious schools here, although they sound a bit more religiously directed in Thailand. Apparently, parents are increasingly interested in this s ...>

Do Jews Need Jesus to be Saved?

Some Ultra-Catholics I know would say "well, Duh!" Yes, they would agree with the move by some U.S. Bishops to strike (pending Vatical approval) the following sentence from the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults:"Thus the covenant that God made with the Jewish people through Moses remains ...>

NY Times article on Gov. Palin, Ouch

Ouch is right, this article in The New York Times finally has somebody in the media (besides the ladies of The View, who are, of course, not truly media) looking hard at Gov. Palins' record. Eye-opening. Check it out. ...>

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