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McCain Palin Bumber Sticker for Democrats

Here it is: McCain/Palin 2008: Thanks, but no, Thanks -- On This Bridge to Nowhere! ...>

Songs About Aging and Mortality

Jody Rosen over at Slate has a neat article titled: The Pensioner's Playlist: THE 25 GREATEST SONGS ABOUT AGING AND MORTALITY. Some of the tunes highlighted: Fats Waller, "Old Grand Dad" Bill Withers, "Grandma's Hands" Gene Autry, "That Silver Haired Daddy of Mine" Steely Dan, "Hey Nineteen" ...>

Obama on the Economic Meltdown

CNBC only aired the last paragraph. Here's more of the statement, and don't forget to compare it to McCain's comments in the previous post (and yes, I'm looking for a fuller statement from McCain and Palin although McCain himself has said he doesn't know much about the economy, and Palin... well...) ...>

McCain on the Economic Meltdown

Here's a video clip from CNN: It sounds quite like a "campaigning" statement. Given that his good advisor Phil Gramm (and others in this Party) had so much to do with creating the environment that led to this economic situation, can we, to use the language of McCain's own advisor Tucker Bounds, ...>

Inhabitat Escape Lifepods

Looks very nice, but... where is the bathroom, a place to cook... Hmmm, the joys and perils of escape. And escape is precisely how they sell it: If the idea of escape seems all the more enticing now that the rest of the world is caught in the back-to-school rush, here’s another amazing prefab ...>

Gov. Palin and her Husband Break the Law

Glenn Greenwald has a wonderful post describing the hypocrisy and law-breaking of Gov. Palin, her husband, and the McCain campaign that has encouraged that Palin and her aides refuse to comply with the Alaskan legislature's special commission on Trooper-gate. This is something that is just tough to ...>

Against the Disenfranchisement of the American People

I'm glad someone finally decided to lay out in a comprehensive way what Republicans have been doing for some time now against the American electorate. The Democratic National Committee, and Obama for America have filed suit to stop Republicans in Michigan from disenfranchising American citizens who ...>

Bailing the Bailout Kings

A quote from the Bailout plan pushed by Sec. Paulson and the Administration (and no, that's not a band name):Decisions by the Secretary pursuant to the authority of this Act are non-reviewable and committed to agency discretion, and may not be reviewed by any court of law or any administrative agenc ...>

Counting on Greed

It strikes me that the crisis we are seeing unfolding before our eyes, not just on Wall Street by the way, but everywhere this financial crisis reaches, signals something that ought to be clear to Republicans and Democrats, and any other political ideologue: we can't count on greed to get to compass ...>

Bailout Counter-Plan

Politico is reporting on a counter-plan offered by Sen. and Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd , which would add the following provisions: Authority for bankruptcy judges to restructure mortgages for homeowners facing foreclosure. This was considered a poison pill in a housing bill that passed ...>

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