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Hovis Bread Takes us on a Historical Tour

A very cool ad for Hovis bread, from Britain: The ad really is nicely done, the narrative is sequential/linear, but the leaps are significant of course. The way in which the plot meshes into the next theme is very nice, and the main character -- the boy, who serves as anchor through time (we are ...>

Suspending the Campaign?

McCain's ploy is gossamer thin transparent, and I'm surprised he has to be reminded of that Craig Ferguson says here: ...>

Stiglitz on the Bailout

A cogent analysis of the flaws with the bailout plan, and the difficulties that remain even if a bailout plan passes. I have to agree with his skepticism about the way the administration handled the whole thing, and the plan they provided; it so transparently was a massive transfer of wealth to the ...>

Palin and Moral Guidance

A recent Palin quote:I think that there's a lot of mocking of my personal faith, and my personal faith is very, very simple. I don't belong to any church. I do have a strong belief in God, and I believe that I'm a heck of a lot better off putting my life in God's hands, and saying hey, you know, gui ...>

Gates of Hell, Personal Salvation, & Anglicanism

The crisis in the Episcopalian church continues, with yet another diocese splitting from the Church and aligning itself more firmly with the Anglican Communion. The Pittsburgh diocese has voted to split because of differences about salvation and... wait for it... homosexuality. Surprised? Not. Funn ...>

Racism in Virginia

For those interested in the politics of race during this campaign, but in general in the U.S. (so many folks I still hear say that racism is a thing of the past), here's an article that came out in the L.A. Times re race and campaign efforts in Virginia (Whitewood, VA). A snippet from the article:B ...>

Alaska and Aerial Killing of Wolves

I don't know where other Buddhist bloggers stand on this issue, but it seems a clear one to me even without a disposition toward Buddhist ethics. It doesn't seem to me that Alaska would be a place where such indiscriminate killing of wolves would be the least necessary to either control their popul ...>

Putting Obama in Danger

I've started three different entries today and have not been able to finish them. There is certainly plenty to write about, and I have a few other entries as partial drafts, but I just can't seem to finish my thoughts. The culprit? Well, certainly trying to say too much. Perhaps the bane of bloggers ...>

McCain/Palin Race-Baiting and Hate Rhetoric

McCain campaign manager Rick Davis responds to Rep. John Lewis comments about the McCain/Palin's recent hateful rhetoric: "Look, Chris, I think we have to take this very seriously," Davis told Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace. "And the kind of comments made by Congressman Lewis, a big Obama suppo ...>

Equanimity & Obama

I've been reading Andrew Sullivan's blog ("The Daily Dish") recently. That really is not much of a confession - I know. As a Rhetoric Prof. I read pretty much anything that crosses my path. Besides, I read all sorts of conservative thinkers also. They key is not whether they are conservative or lib ...>

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