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More Racism and Fear in GOP Base

Another revealing video about the kind of grassroots support for McCain/Palin, but that in general go for the GOP: Now, there are racists in the Democratic Party. You betcha. Look at those in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia among others, who claim to be Democrats but find it hard to vote for a ...>

TypePad Changes A-Coming

Typepad has announced a few updates coming up, and I want to give you a "heads-up" because some glitches might ensue as a result. Here’s their explanation: Starting Monday, October 20th, TypePad will automatically paginate your blog’s main page, entries, archives and comments as your account is ...>

Update on Forthcoming Posts

I was reminded of a couple of things today: 1) given my recent posts about McCain/Palin and their campaign, do I find any fault at all with Obama and/or with the Democratic Party? 2) When is WoodMoor Village going to post more on same-sex marriage and/or intelligent design? The answer to the fir ...>

Debate Reaction

McCain: Energy swings, surly, strong and feisty early on. Mischaracterizing Obama, appealing to the base. Where has the McCain of the first part of the debate been during the rest of the campaign? At the end, just frustrated. Obama: Flat on his feet, playing it safe the first thirty minutes, stra ...>

Where was Palin?

Where are you Sarah Palin? She is supposed to be second in line, but she is not trusted to be a capable surrogate after the debates. No interviews with Gov. Palin, no comments recorded by her. Minimal nod to her by McCain... A quote by Ernesto Laclau (from "Universalism, Particularism, and the Qu ...>

The Republican Fine Art of Missing the Point on Race, Part 4

Could this be another not-so-subtle association? It might very well not be, but it is difficult not to make the connection, and not to expect the GOP to have folks who would indeed engage in this kind of covert appeal: Sow and water seeds of fear and hate, reap the whirlwind. ...>

The Republican Fine Art of Missing the Point on Race, Part 5?

Well, another day, another installment. Here's yet another racist image, that no doubt Republicans will argue is not racist at all: And here's the context. But hey, we are not supposed to say these things about race. One of the most insidious arguments floating around is that somehow highligh ...>

Photographic Equanimity

I've been developing a new blog devoted to Photography: Exposure-Latitudes. Nothing too busy or sophisticated yet. Much remains to be done. Still, I posted the following there and I thought it was a good post to share here as well. This is an excerpt from Deborah DeWit Marchant's Traveling Light: A ...>

Bachmann Turner Overdrive

Ok, no, this is not about the Canadian rock group (BTO). Check out this video of Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN): I am of the mind that such egregious McCarthyism is easily recognized by all minimally intelligent observers, but even if that was not the case, I believe that her words are easy enough ...>

A Call to Republicans

I don't know if WoodMoor Village has any Republican subscribers, but if I do (or for those that stop by), let me direct this note to you: Can you please start communicating to your party leaders, at all levels, that enough is enough? Tell them you just don't want a party that engages and support ...>

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