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Religious Zombie?

The perfect "Get out of Jail" card, that is, the perfect trump card for this person and others that believe likewise: "The Lord will..." What comes to mind immediately upon reading this: 1) How does she know, or how would anybody know, which candidate has the deepest faith? Is there some kind of ...>

Intrade Electoral Vote Predictor

I don't put much stock on these projections, predictors, polls, or other fuzzy words that start with P that purport to provide us potential outcomes of the elections, promote particular understandings of voter behavior, present likely turnout, or propel us to worry, be less peaceful, and develop a p ...>

McYogi’s Mindful Music Video

Check McYogi's video on Obama. He even offers gassho at the end: And do visit McYogi's website. Quite intriguing. ...>

Oh, and Happy Birthday to Me!

Forgot to post about it, but today is my birthday. One of those, deeply reflective days? No, it hasn't been. I did have an eye doctor appointment and besides continuing to realize the inevitability of aging, nothing that I have not already pondered in previous birthdays. Then again, my experience ha ...>

Zena Forest Documentary Project

I was lucky enough to receive a mini-grant from the Center for Sustainable Communities at my University to carry out a photographic documentary project on a tract of land called Zena Forest. It is a small grant, it truly won't cover the expenses associated with the project, but the opportunity and ...>

Goofy Break

About the first "political-non-political" thing I saw this morning. It is cute and silly, until they get to the end and have McCain say something about Palin that I just find beyond rude. Still, watch how Obama and McCain... dance: Unbelievable McCain Vs. Obama Dance-Off - Watch more videos Perh ...>

Being Simply

Isabella, over at Change Therapy (if you haven't yet, do check it out) wrote a post in which she asks if any of us has figured out or found a way to balance a desire for simplicity with a desire for full engagement. Here's how she put it: i’d like to find a way to honour all the good people on th ...>

California Proposition 8

Here's a "remake" of a video originally put together by proponents and supporters of Prop. 8 in California (Prop 8 would move the state to amend its Constitution to ban same-sex marriage). The remake was done by opponents of Prop. 8. They've substituted "interracial marriage" every time a speaker s ...>

Elizabeth Dole & Atheism

I certainly hope Elizabeth Dole loses her race. Here's her latest ad: The ad implies that Dole's opponent, Kay Hagan, does not believe in God -- even superimposing a voiceover of a woman saying "There is no God" over an image of Hagan. Well, apparently that was not Hagan who said that (she is a ...>

Obama’s Primetime Moment

I'm sure the usual Republican suspects will pan Sen. Obama's thirty-minute infomercial as nothing more than a stunt revealing of arrogance and presidential presumption. They will continue the "measuring the drapes" line of attack Sen. McCain has used in rallies. And once again, they will completely ...>

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