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Another year, another bunch of resolutions no? Well, I started doing some mental O-Soji (Japanese end of year cleaning) early, and part of that process often brings me to WoodMoor Village. The fact is that WoodMoor Village has become much more than I ever intended. It has, true to things released in ...>

Happy New Year! POD

Happy New Year to all. Here's a photographic post for New Year's day, and also one for what I hope will be a Photo of the Day project for January 2008. As they say that the old year is "old" and the new year is a "baby" or child, here's a picture I just took a couple of days ago in Portland, OR. T ...>

Feliz Navidad! Happy Holidays! Merry Xmas!

Feliz Navidad! Have a wonderful day full of love, joy, and peace. Make sure it carries beyond the "holidays." And please don't let it be about war on anything. Felicidades! ...>

A War Mentality

Dan, over at Faith in Public Life, has a neat short entry "I Declare War on Metaphors" that treats the issue of the supposed war on Christmas. He definitely gets it right when he notes:As culture war watcher Beth mentioned last week, public observance of Christmas in Basra, Iraq, was canceled after ...>

Tony Snow-job’s Rhetoric

Here are two comments attributed to former White House press secretary Tony Snow:1) “The average Iranian is more Pro-American than virtually any college faculty in this country.” 2) “...the second war in this country, the war on God.”There are some who would say that you have to treat thi ...>

Expel Intelligent Design!

If you are looking for a good laugh... oh, well perhaps I better use Kenneth Burke's wonderful phrase "dancing with tears in my eyes," check out Ben Stein's website and trailer for his paean to Intelligent Design: Expelled! No Intelligence Allowed. The movie will no doubt produce more converts to t ...>

Big Media Video

A short video I will be using for my new class and New Media and Technology next semester: ...>

Humanism & Interdependence

In my about page I make a statement that has increasingly become more and more relevant to my life, to my beliefs, and to what I end up telling people that humanism is about: "...It [humanism] does call us to a deep contemplation of interconnectedness, of interbeing, of recognizing the delusions ...>

Rohatsu 2007

I had a very quiet Rohatsu this year. No long sesshin, no intense sitting. I practiced at home, at sangha, and at school with the mindfulness practice group I started -- but, no special finals week practice sessions this semester. Next semester during finals week we will have special sessions. In an ...>

Nikon D300 Dreams

So I've decided to make a Santa wish list... although I believe this will be for a far into the future Santa, and even then, with so many other pressing needs (mine and of others) this might not happen. Still, sometimes it is good to let the imagination run wild and here's mine for this morning: ...>

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