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Nikon D40 Digital Camera for Sale

Interested in a superb, like new, digital camera? I'm selling mine. Here's the product description:Nikon D40, 6.1MP digital camera, with 18-55mm AF-S DX f/3.5-5.6G ED II lens, Manuals, Software, Battery, Battery Charger, USB Cable, lens caps, soft fleece lens bag, Blue Crane Introduction to Nikon D4 ...>

New WoodMoor Design

Yes, time for a new design. I think I've changed designs every year since WoodMoor Village came online. Change is good in this regard. I've dispensed with the drop down menu javascript, the page wide (fluid) three column design, and the old WoodMoor banner. That last one might come back next year. I ...>

Save Christmas!

Just in case you had not read about this yet... Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) presented a resolution on the House floor that got accepted... the resolution? Heavy stuff about Iraq? Condemnation of Iran? Challenge to Health Care plan for kids? Hell no! It was a resolution to save Christmas! Here's the te ...>

Attacks on Religion…

I got tired of selecting two categories, "Politics" and "Religion" for these posts about candidates, so I'm inaugurating a new category: "Theo-Politics." That's where we are anyway, although I've often thought that a theo-politics can be deployed without the cheesy political piety we see in so many ...>

State Science Curriculum Director Resigns

This Intelligent Design business never ends, and well, it won't will it? There are plenty of gods to go around. This is an intriguing case out of Texas. I've been keeping this post on draft mode, not sure why, so here it goes: Apparently the State science curriculum director resigned, after bein ...>

Photo: After Mark Rothko

Well, here's a photographic entry I submitted to a photo forum "challenge." The task was to submit a shot that was inspired by "art." The idea was not to take a shot of a statue, or painting, but rather to process a shot in such a way that it looked "arty" or to submit a shot that was inspired by a ...>

Romney’s Faith in America Speech

The much ballyhooed speech has been delivered and no doubt pundits are feverishly at it. In the meantime, Romney is exulting in a false sense that somehow he is a statesman for having delivered a "history lesson" about religious tolerance and "liberty" to the nation. Unfortunately, Romney is nei ...>

Above the Fray

Let me direct your attention to the following article on the most recent issue of Tricycle Magazine: Above the Fray. It is a good reflection on the challenges associated with being a political actor (in whatever form, but in this case as journalist) and trying to lead a mindful life. As the author ...>

Japanese Maple Photograph Wins!

Well, I got lucky and my Japanese Maple shot won 1st place (well, got voted the winner of the challenge) at the Nikonians D40/D50 October Photo Challenge (Fall Colors). I include a small image here, make sure to click the shot for window with a larger version of the image. I have to give some props ...>

Immigration Rally Pic

A shot I took last year at an immigration rally. I did the Black and White conversion in Photoshop CS3. If you want to see a bigger image click on the photo (a new window pops up). I'll post the EXIF data later. ...>

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