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Papal Encyclical Attacks Atheism

Yikes! Somebody do an intervention! Pope Benedict is certainly smoking too much of the Church Incense. In his latest Papal Encyclical, Pope Benedict takes on atheism, except, he conflates it with Marxism, and relies on the same old and poorly conceived attacks on atheism as inherently immoral and d ...>

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you have a wonderful time with family, friends, and many others. Yesterday at Sangha we spoke about how Mindfulness is a practice of gratitude. In fact, it is our inability to be grateful for what we have that keeps us always looking for more, dissatisfied and craving -- h ...>

Mindfulness and AD/HD

An interesting story about the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center (MARC) and their work on Mindfulness and AD/HD. The gist of the story is the use of Mindfulness practice as a way to help those with AD/HD enhance their ability to pay attention and monitor their emotional states. Key to the medi ...>

Obstacles & Challenges to Practice

I recently sat down to list (ostensibly for the mindfulness group I’ve been developing on campus) what kind of obstacles we can experience in our practice. As I was putting these down it quickly became apparent that these are nothing but my own challenges to practice. All of them. Persistently. H ...>

Taking the Bible Literally

The Washington Post has a story of a man who decided to follow the Bible literally for one year. Yep. No kidding. An interesting exercise most definitely, and one likely to generate plenty of provocative insight. But... The Washington Post did an awful job with the reporting. It is short in length, ...>

We’re Back!

Woohoo! Yes, well we're back and all that. The last few weeks have been frightfully busy, and I'm afraid WoodMoor Village had to take the backseat. This semester, after I turned in my portfolio for Tenure, has become the busiest semester I've ever had on campus. It has been non-stop, plenty of deadl ...>

Georgia plans service to pray for rain -

Well, we are coming into the season of War on Xmas, and excesses of Political Piety, so look here for how Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue has decided to deal with the bad drought afflicting the state: Georgia Plans Service to Pray for Rain. Apparently, the weather forecast calls for rain. Now, if you ...>

Japanese Garden Waterfall

Since I have not had much time to post lately, I figured I'd come by and at least post a photograph or two. Also, the domain name issue has not been completely fixed, so expect a few moments of discomfort as I try to sort things out here. So, here's a nice one I took a few days ago at the Japan ...>

We Will Return Soon!

Well, there seems to be a problem with nameservers or some such because WoodMoor Village has been down for a few days. I called (domain name manager) and they promised they'd look into it and fix it. I've sent them another email, and am awaiting their response. In the meantime, I hope su ...>

Do You Pray for our Troops?

With all due respect for those of you who are religious believers... this question posed to Rep. Nancy Pelosi strikes me as not just a set-up, but simply misguided as a matter of religion/theology. This kind of political piety has gotten out of control, and Mr. Wallace is not being a journalist so m ...>

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