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Imprecatory Prayer! Go Figure.

Why this person is not arrested and interviewed by the police I don't know, but his actions clearly do not comment us to our better angels, and do not speak well of his religiosity, religion, and state of mind. Here's Rev. Wiley S. Drake, Pastor of the Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park, CA, and ...>

Spiritual Ninja Camp?

Does anybody find this as disturbing as I do? "There's to be no trash in the cabins whatsoever!" Phillips shouted, his voice ragged from a week as drill sergeant at Spiritual Warfare Camp. "And no trash in your hearts. Do you have the message? "Yes, sergeant major," the girls answered in chorus, t ...>

Puerto Rican Resistance to Military Recruitment

I'm glad to hear the news that Puerto Rico is being fairly successful in foiling the U.S. Military's recruitment drive. An article in The Washington Post details how anti-war sentiment has been growing in the island, and pro-independence activists, as well as other groups, have had significant succe ...>

Content, by David Ignatow

Content I should be content to look at a mountain for what it is and not as a comment on my life. -- David Ignatow ...>

Pulling a Buddha, Our Lives & Spy-Happy U.S.

Had a chance yesterday to once again spend some time thinking about the wonderful German movie, The Lives of Others. No, I was not thinking about its artistic merits (although many), nor the wonderful acting, and the emotive power that the characters draw out of the audience. Rather, I was thinking ...>

A New Nikon D40

Photographic bliss? I purchased a Nikon D40 today and wanted to see if anybody that reads these pages regularly had any experience with the camera. I like it. In fact, I like it a lot, and not as an entry-level dSLR (as it is marketed) but as a straightforward and streamlined photographic tool for ...>

Of Frogs, Eels, Turtles, and Compassion

What's a good Amitabha Buddhist to do in the face of frogs, eels, and turtles destined for the dining table in New York City's Chinatown? Save them of course! But this is a complicated world isn't it? So often we think we have the right answers, only to find that we didn't quite account for this or ...>

Independent Scholarship & Ethics of Argument

The notorious/infamous Op-Ed and "study" by Messieurs Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack, from The Brookings Institution, has been, to say the least, controversial and charitably labeled biased. Now we finally find out, that their so called research/interviews conducted during their 8-day visit t ...>

The Republican Fine Art of Missing the Point on Race

I've commented before on this, but the recent comments by Florida State Legislator Bob Allen (he of much fear of becoming another "statistic") brings it all back and again raises the question, when will the GOP exorcise this demon from its body? I know, some would wax philosophical and say, "this is ...>

Resignation & the Democratic Franchise

I've tried to not post about politics in the last few days... although I could not stop myself after the Senate caved on the warrantless wiretapping bill...but I want to pose a question for those who consider themselves Democrats, or progressive liberals that vote for the Democratic Party. What no ...>

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